You may have noticed that updates have been a little sporadic as of late. You can thank this new 8 pound, 12 oz. bundle of joy:

How could anyone get anything done with this guy asleep on their chest? Now, if you were to ask me what the absolute worst thing someone can do for their training I’d tell you that it would be shortchanging sleep. Many people negate most of their potential gains by staying up all night playing video games or partyin’ at the club, in my case though it’s unavoidable, since the lil’ guy likes to eat every two hours or so. You may recall that P.B. (i.e. Pre-Baby) I often recommended early morning workouts… At the moment, that’s out: when I do end up rolling out of bed, I’m a zombie and the lifting of the weights is the last thing I feel like doing.

But I don’t want all that hard work over the years to slip away so I still gotta train…once the initial shock and awe of training under extreme conditions sets in, it’s just a matter of figuring out what you CAN do, within the given parameters and working from there.

In my case, I know that any training that I do MUST be brief and intense (even more so than usual.)As I mentioned previously, the concept here is to begin at an extremely manageable level and build from there. Such a scheme actually offers a great deal of flexibility since it can be adjusted as needed.

Fortunately, I’m much more alert later in in the day, usually a bit after supper time. My current workout is as follows:

1. The Michigan Bench Press Program
*(Day 1 or Day 2, alternated)

2. Hammer Strength High-Row
*(1 all-out set, generally high reps)

3. Secret Weapon Grip Machine: R/L hands
* (Severe Negatives, singles)

4. Neck Training
* (back/front, alternated by workout)

I was even able to get in some squats last Friday but that is a luxury that I don’t expect often. Otherwise, you can see that this workout is about as bare bones as it comes, but MAN does it leave me sore. I think this has to do with the fact that for 20 minute or so, I can ultimately focus on the training that is in front of me, but once that’s done, I have to devote it elsewhere (for obvious reasons.)

Despite the fact that conditions seem less than Ideal, I suspect that I may even come out of this thing with some surprising results.