We’ve shipped our high-quality manila gym climbing ropes all over the world, (including Iraq) and many people are reporting tremendous results after adding a little bit ‘o rope climbing into their routine. About a year ago we received an order for climbing rope from a group of hand-strength fanatics for Australia. They reported that they really dug our site and regularly get together to climb ropes on the beach cliffs of Australia. Sounded like a perfect setup to us, hard training out in the fresh sea air on the beautiful Australian terrain.

They informed us that their old rope had finally worn out after many good years of service and regular workouts and they were in need of a new one so they could still get their “climb-on” three times per week. They wanted an 18 foot manila climbing rope which they could take down when not in use.

They put the order in and we crunched the numbers and then sent everything along accordingly. That was over a year ago and yesterday they sent us a clip of their exploits on the cliffs of Bondi Beach. If you want to see some footage of some crazy rope climbing skill, here’s your chance:

If you want to follow in their footsteps, Click Here.