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How to Train Like a Ninja Warrior

We received the first one about two months back with the second one coming shortly afterwards. They have been trickling in ever since and this weekend we received a record number of them.

What am I talking about? -- emails from folks out there saying "You gotta check out this new show!"

Here in the states its called "Ninja Warrior" but in Japan, its called "Sasuske" - named after the legendary ninja Sasuke Sarutobi who lived during the Meiji era of Japanese history.

Needless to say, ninja warriors had to be the ultimate athletes, who could run, jump, swim, climb or lift just about anything standing in their way.

The show in question "Ninja Warrior," is a Japanese game show featuring the toughest obstacle course in the world, and, as if its not tough enough already, the contestants must complete each stage in a time limit.

Each stage is a unique blend of strength, skill, balance and agility.

The challenges are incredible, and if you are going to be a true ninja Warrior, you are going to need some very strong hands -- to complete the course youll have to crawl along ledges hanging only by your fingertips, make your way across a giant curtain by grabbing bunches of cloth in your hands maneuver giant steel rings over an uneven track and many, many more unusual feats.

The final stage is relatively easy, just "spider" climb while pressed between two 40 foot walls and then climb up a thirty foot rope - but did I mention theres a 30 second time limit?

It's also not a surprise that they chose rope climbing as one of their final challenges - I mean, what other exercises builds an iron grip and incredible upper body strength as effectively as rope climbing?

Only two out of two thousand contestants have ever completed all four stages in the ten year history of the show.

All I can say is check it out, "Ninja Warrior" is on the G4 channel.

Train hard,
John Wood

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